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Tips to Protect You from Breathing Unhealthy Air

30 Nov -1
Tips to Protect You from Breathing Unhealthy Air

When it comes to air quality, you must be concerned because you want your family and yourself to be safe and breathe in the best possible air. Right, TE-ners? We have several solutions that can bring clean air and improve air quality. Let's check it here!


Want to exercise outside the home? Check this first!

First, you can check the air quality from the air pollution info in your area. It can be from television, applications, etc. Try to avoid exercising outside the house when the level of pollution is high.


Clean the air and beautify the house with plants

Try using indoor plants. Plants will clean the air. They take carbon dioxide and produce oxygen for you. Besides that, your house will also be more beautiful, TE-ners!


Change AC filter

A dirty air conditioner filter can make the air quality in the air worse! Dust circulates constantly back into the air you breathe. Oops :(


Using Edigreen Total Air Quality Solution from Edimax

This tool comes with indoor and outdoor options so it can be needed according to your needs then quickly and consistently detects air quality conditions. This tool also visualizes data in real-time and is compatible with various devices so you can easily organize and analyze data.

Total Air Quality Solution can provide the data needed so you can consider what you can do to improve the air quality around you. So it's time to say bye-bye to dirty air!


For more complete information about Edigreen Total Air Quality Solution you can visit their website at or find it here :)