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What To Do When Your Little One Has a Fever

30 Nov -1
What To Do When Your Little One Has a Fever

Basically, fever is your body's natural reaction to fight an infection. Fever is generally harmless and will get better in a few days later. The infections mentioned can be parasites, bacteria, or viruses. So you don't need to worry, there are several ways to treat light fever. The method is simple and can be done at home.


Check Body Temperature

To find out whether your child has a fever or not, you can check using a thermometer. Choosing a thermometer is important. Due to increasingly sophisticated technology, it is not recommended to use a manual thermometer that still uses mercury, because it is dangerous for children. MICROLIFE The Non-Contact Thermometer [NC200] isone of our recommendations because it gives precise results in just 3 seconds without touching. Sometimes kids feel uncomfortable being touched, this thermometer is also suitable for use by doctors in hospitals. Children will be said to have a fever if their body temperature exceeds 38 degrees Celsius.


Cooling forehead with cold damp towel

Soak a towel that has been filled with plain or slightly warm water and place it on the forehead while lying down. Do this for 20-30 minutes, you can change the cloth when it is dry.


Provide fever reliever medication

Moms can also provide medicine for children which is commonly called paracetamol. It should be noted that you have to pay attention of the dosage with your age, body weight and don’t forget to read the instructions.

If the methods above are felt to be ineffective, you are advised to immediately take your child to a general practitioner or pediatrician for further examination. For information about MICROLIFE The Non-Contact Thermometer [NC200] You can directly click here. 


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