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Did you hurt yourself? Don’t worry! Follow the treatment steps below to minimize the scars

30 Nov -1
Did you hurt yourself? Don’t worry! Follow the treatment steps below to minimize the scars

Scars on the skin, is something that cannot be avoided and the consequences that we inevitably face when we experience wounds on the skin. Especially when you had surgery. Usually, you will most likely have permanent marks on the surgical scars.


In order to avoid scars as much as possible, the treatment you do immediately after the injury is important, to avoid further inflammation or trauma to the wound, TE-ners! Let's see how to treat the following wounds.


Clean the wound. Immediately after injury, clean with soap and water to avoid bacteria and infection.


Keep the wound moist and closed. You must often think that wounds should always be dry. On the other hand, keeping the wound from drying out is the best option to avoid scars. You can use petroleum jelly and cover it with a plaster.


Avoid bacitracin. Avoid the temptation to apply topical ointments, 8% of people can actually be allergic to this type of ointment, so inflammation and scars can possibly occur.


Minimize movement. Every time there is movement in the wound, it changes the formation so that the scar is wider or thicker.


Do not scrape dry skin. Scabs are the skin's natural bandages, so let them do their job, TE-ners! Don't scratch and pull it out, because later your wound won't heal and will leave scars :(

Apply Anscare Healus Scar Gel on your wound. This gel produced by BenQ Materials Corp. can retain moisture in your wound, helping to speed up your wound recovery.


So if you get injured, get treated as soon as possible, TE-ners, to avoid scars. If it's already a scar, you can do laser or micro-needling in an effort to control the scar, but unfortunately it can't be removed, this procedure will only help to reduce the appearance of the scar by 50-60%.


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