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Unique Ideas to Keep Active Exercising During Your Busy Days

30 Nov -1
Unique Ideas to Keep Active Exercising During Your Busy Days

Maintaining health by exercising regularly is important. Even if you workout in a short amount of time a day, having an active lifestyle can still provide benefits for your health. So here we want to give you some inspiration on how to be active even though you are busy with daily activities:


Prepare your favourite tunes in your music playlist.

If you have time for a workout, even if it's only 15 minutes, playing upbeat songs makes u feel more excited to workout, who knows you might enjoy it so much then it would be an hour of workout, well that's a good thing!


Always prefer using stairs.

Do you like using the elevator? It can be reduced, especially if the elevator is full, this is actually a good chance! You can choose an escalator instead of waiting for a long time for the elevator. so you can walk more. Walking is the easiest way to burn calories, make sure you wear comfortable shoes though!

Exercise while watching TV.

Is that possible? Yes, of course it is! If you watch soap operas on TV, take advantage of the commercial time for short exercises. For example, during commercial you do a plank, the next one is sit-up, and so on. "How if I watch a netflix program that doesn't have commercials?" don’t worry TE-ners! Try to do exercise when the antagonist character appears. Or you decide which character yourself. It's interesting, let’s give it a go!

Monitor your steps throughout the day.

Experts suggest walking 10,000 steps a day will bring many positive benefits for your health! Try to walk whenever you can, park your car a little further away than usual, or walk to minimarket in front of the house instead of driving or riding a bike, etc.

With today's advanced technology, there’s Health Band Amor H2 that can help you count your steps everyday. Apart from counting steps, H2 also gives you a warning if you've been sitting for quite long time. If you feel a little tired, H2 can also tell you. H2 is also water repellent and dustproof, and can also monitor the quality of your sleep


Of course there are still many benefits that you can get from H2, for more detailed information you can check here.

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