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Say Goodbye to Greasy Hair: Here’s How to Overcome It!

30 Nov -1
Say Goodbye to Greasy Hair: Here’s How to Overcome It!

Greasy hair surely makes you feel insecure, just like oily and acne-prone skin, you must be feel uncomfortable. Greasy hair is caused by sebaceous gland in the scalp that produce oil. The oil is absorbed by the hair. If it’s too much, the hair will look greasy. Actually the oil itself is not a bad thing for hair, TE-ners! But too much oil makes hair look slick and thin.


Now you must be confused about how to control it, because of course you want to look beautiful and confident every time we leave the house. One of our solution to solve your greasy hair problem is to use Hair Oright Lemongrass Green Dry Shampoo.

Hair Oright Lemongrass Green Dry Shampoo is a hair product that can reduce oil in your hair. Unlike regular shampoos, as the name implies, this dry shampoo can be used on dry hair. You don't need to rinse after using this dry shampoo.


This dry shampoo is a refreshing cleanser formulated with multiple natural plant extracts to leave the scalp feeling fresh and clean. Lemongrass extract helps naturally balance sebum production. Willow bark extract softens rough skin and clears pores. Menthol extracted from fresh mint purifies your scalp, giving it a soothing, cooling sensation. How to use it:


  1. Spray this dry shampoo gently on your hair approximately 5 cm from the scalp
  2. Massage it gently to reduce the shine and remove dirt for a clean and comfortable feeling.


Simple isn’t it? To find out more about Hair Oright Lemongrass Green Dry Shampoo, you can immediately check it here!


Don't forget to always bring Hair Oright Lemongrass Green Dry Shampoo wherever you go, TE-ners!