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How to Take Care of Contact Lenses for Your Beautiful Eyes

30 Nov -1
How to Take Care of Contact Lenses for Your Beautiful Eyes

You are surely familiar with contact lenses. Many wear them because of eyes problem, some also wear them to support their appearance and makeup. Bloggers or make-up artists generally show their make-up results using soft lenses so the makeup looks more beautiful and standout. It is undeniable that softlens do matter to the results of your makeup and appearance!

A good contact lens is not only based on their color but also must have sufficient oxygen levels to be comfortable to wear. Introducing one of our recommended softlens, BenQ CONFiDENCE Silicone Hydrogel Color Daily Soft Contact C10DMEGR-C / C10DMEHZ-C. This solvent-free contact lens provides adequate oxygen supply and all-day comfort for the eyes, this is important so that the eyes don't get dry easily. This contact lens also has UV protection which will protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. For more complete information, you can immediately check here

For the health of your eyes, the use of soft lenses must be clean.! So here we provide tips for maintaining your contact lenses:

  1. Always wash your hands before touching the contact lens

The cleanliness of the contact lenses is very important so that the eyes are not getting irritated, also so that the contact lenses can last longer time. Don't forget to always hold the contact lens after your hands are clean.

  1. Don’t use them while sleeping

Softlens are not recommended for use while sleeping and bathing. If you want to do this activity, please take it off first

  1. Always change the contact fluid

To keep it clean, make sure you always change the liquid, OK :)

  1. Wear protection during strong winds

To avoid contact lenses and eyes getting dry, try wearing protective gear such as glasses or sunglasses when you are in a situation where the wind can get into your eyes, for example when traveling on a motorbike.


If you experience irritation, itching, watery eyes, sensitivity to light, pain, and swelling of the eyelids, you may have an infection. Don't hesitate to discuss it with the doctor right away.


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