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For Gamers who love Live Streaming, you have this Mandatory Tool!

30 Nov -1
For Gamers who love Live Streaming, you have this Mandatory Tool!

At this time, demands for hardware games are increasing graphically. It can be predicted that in the future gaming in 4K will become popular. Well, AVerMedia Live Gamer Bolt is suitable for you gamers who want to stream and record the games you play. Especially during this pandemic, of course you can share your exciting games with gamer friends! Let's dig deeper about AVerMedia Live Gamer Bolt.


By design, the size is slightly larger and heavier than the capture card in general, the material is sturdy as well. This capture card is designed as an input device to convert the signal from your game into digital data that can be uploaded to the internet. So, you can record and save your favorite games.


AVerMedia Live Gamer Bolt is capable of operating up to 4K, 60 fps, HDR recording and also HRR. There is a fan at the top with ventilation, in addition to cool the device. This helps for long term use, which can cause heat damage if not handled properly

AVerMedia Live Gamer Bolt offers extremely low latency: only 50ms. This means that this performance capture card has almost no delay. Last but not least, AVerMedia Live Gamer Bolt comes with a free downloadable BOLT software, which can be used to clone your display port monitor.


There are still many specifications and features of AverMedia Live Gamer Bolt that you must know. Let's check here!. Also don’t forget to check on to find other interesting products and solutions from AVERMEDIA!