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A Packing Hack You Need To Know When Travelling

30 Nov -1
A Packing Hack You Need To Know When Travelling

Packing a suitcase for the holidays is not an easy thing to do. If there are a lot of items, we have to find a way to fit them. Especially when you are about to go travelling to countries with cold or snowy season, of course you have to pack jackets, scarfs, thick coats in your suitcase. No matter how good we are on folding our clothes, winter clothes are surely take up more space in your suitcase than t-shirts.


One simple way that can be a solution is to use the VAGO Portable Vacuum Device and Vacuum Bag! Consist of a vacuum tool and a bag, this tool will save space in your suitcase by up to 50%. Therefore you will still have room in your suitcase for souvenirs in the destination country.

There are so many advantages of this tool:

  1. It is compact in size, weighing 77 grams and only 7 cm height.
  2. The compression is up to 300mmHg, which is 2.7 times stronger than a typical household vacuum.
  3. It detects pressure and can automatically stop.
  4. The vacuum bag is strong and leak-resistant, made of high quality composite material so it’s durable and withstand the stress of other items in the trunks or luggages .
  5. It only takes 5 minutes to compress the vacuum bag.


How to use it is also very easy:

  1. Put clothes into the vacuum bag
  2. Place the Vago in the vacuum bag
  3. Connect Vago to a power source
  4. Press the button to start suction

You can also use this vacuum bag to pack dirty clothes while you are traveling and leave extra space for the souvenirs. Your trip should be as much fun as possible, so eliminate your worry of fitting everything in your suitcase by using VAGO Portable Vacuum Devices and Vacuum bag!


Hopefully this article can provide you with information on how to pack a suitcase efficiently. If you are interested in Vago, please click this link and choose your marketplace preference.

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See you around, TE-ners!