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Tips for You to Drive Safe Until You Reach Your Destination

30 Nov -1
Tips for You to Drive Safe Until You Reach Your Destination

Heavy traffic usually makes you feel bored and tired while driving. Moreover, every driver has their own activities and interests every day, this can sometimes be dangerous. Usually, drivers will rush and tend to ignore the surrounding, don't let that happen, TE-ners!


Well, we want to give you some tips so you can drive safely for you and your family who are waiting for you at home. Check it out!


Enough sleep

Make sure you always have enough sleep, try not to drive sleepy. If you're sleepy,try to not drive, instead you can order transportation online anyway :)


Safety features in the car

Check the features of your vehicle, make sure the security system is good. Airbags and seatbelts are the most important basic components. Oh yes, as much as possible give your child a special child seat so that it is safer. And for you, you must wear a seat belt.

Say no to Phone

Make sure you don't play with your cell phone, then the music or radio in the car is not too loud, so you can still hear in case there are dangerous things around or ambulances and other drivers' car horns.


No fiddling with CID while driving

Try to adjust the audio or whatever before you start driving so it doesn't interfere with your focus while driving. Well, most CID (Center Information Display) do have a large selection of buttons that sometimes make the driver uncomfortable to operate while driving. This greatly affects the safety of you and the passengers in the car.

Innolux presents Backlight Share An Integrated Touch Display whose buttons are made with substantial tactics and suspension visual effects, so that it becomes a solution to increase your safety and reduce distractions.


Finally, always pay attention to the speed of the car, look carefully at the surrounding vehicles too. Don't be reckless, because this will not only endanger you, but also other motorists!


Of course, there are many more tips so you can drive safely, the point is to always be careful. Anyways, for more detailed information about Innolux Backlight Share An Integrated Touch Display with Knob Design, please check the Innolux official website at or click here:)