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Lose Weight with an Indoor Stationary Bike? Of Course You can! Let's exercise together here

30 Nov -1
Lose Weight with an Indoor Stationary Bike? Of Course You can! Let's exercise together here

Exercise with an indoor stationary bicycle is an effective and efficient way to burn body fat and calories. It can also strengthen the heart, lungs and muscles. When compared to other cardio equipment such as a treadmill, this stationary bike reduces the risk of putting excess stress on your joints.

A stationary bike makes you do a low-impact workout. So that means not a lot of body movement, not a lot of jumping, etc. Because usually when you run, or jog, it can put pressure on your ankles, knees, hips and other joints. Even though it's low-impact, this sport can still strengthen your legs and lower body muscles, TE-ners!

The Johnson Matrix R3xm is the indoor stationary bike of our choice for those of you who prefer to exercise indoors. The pedals are flexible, aka you can adjust the height yourself, the seat can be adjusted with just one hand and rotates from right to left. So of course this tool is specially designed for your comfort and stability. Of course, there is much more information about the R3xm Matrix, check it out here

Now we want to share with you a program to exercise with this bike, check it out!

For beginners, you can start slow and then slowly increase the intensity and time.

1. Warm-up first, low intensity for 5 minutes

2. Now let's get started!

medium intensity for 5 minutes

high intensity for 1-2 minutes

Repeated for 3 times

Then to medium intensity again 5 minutes

3. Cooldown. For cooldown you do a low intensity for 5 minutes and you're done for today!

This is an example of a program that you can do, TE-ners! If you feel that the program above is starting to be easy, and you are not so tired, you can add more time.


This indoor bike can help you achieve your goals, even if the weather is rainy, hot, all you have to do is turn on the AC and exercise! By the way, don't forget to also consult a doctor before you start the program, in case you have a health problem. You can check other sports products from Johnson at Happy exercising, TE-ners!